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Monday, July 18, 2005

Take a pill or shut up *UPDATED

Its 10AM...Hubs is on his way home from work...normally, I'd think *cue 70's porno music* that was great, because Blaine is away for the weekend with friends....

But the guy has felt shitty with a sore throat for days and has a temp...after his relentless complaining, I made him an appointment to see the doctor this afternoon.

Is it just a guy thing? He absolutely hates to go to the doctor. What is so manly about being sick or in pain longer than you have to be? Why would you rather "ride out" a headache than take a tylenol?

I have a philosophy about illness/sickness...

If you don't take measures to make yourself better, like tylenol for a headache for instance, then you aren't allowed to bitch about it.

I just hope I don't get whatever bug he has...being sick in the summertime SUCKS.

*Went to the doctor's office...Hub's isn't going to die. He doesn't have strep, which we feared. He has a virus. Nothing can be done for him to make it go away faster...just ride it out, taking OTCs for comfort.

Hubs~ See?! I told you going to the doctor was a waste of time.
Me~ At least we know you don't have strep.
Hubs~And I had to give them a $20 copay for the privilege! My throat still hurts like a mother fucker.
Me~ Do you want some Advil?
Hubs~ Maybe later.
Me~ You'd rather bitch about it for a few more hours?
Hubs~Yes, knowing how much it bugs you makes me feel a little better. Gimme a kiss.