With fingernails that shine like justice...

and a voice that is dark like tinted glass, she is fast, thorough and sharp as a tack. She is touring the facility and picking up slack...

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

*I dress this way just to keep them at bay, cuz' Halloween is EVERYDAY!...OR...Bob Dee Bob-bop

Well, its late this year, but she's finally come up with an idea for a costume. Blaine is going to be Lizzie Borden!


Yesterday, we went to some thrift stores and got items for the costume. A cream colored blouse with a high collar and ruffles, and a long black skirt. And a toy fireman's axe. We'll put her hair in a bun and splatter her with the half quart of fake blood left over from last year's zombie prom queen outfit.

She has enlisted her dad to go out with her and her friends....as a prop. He will be covered with 41 "whacks" and lots of blood, to further depict her character.

Lizzie Borden took an axe
And gave her mother forty whacks
When she saw what she had done
She gave her father forty-one

While at the thrift store, she found some clothes(black of course) that she could bring home and embellish with studs and safety pins.

I had to look pretty hard on SoulSeek to find one of the anthems of my youth, so that she could hear it...but was finally successful. She liked it.

"Now I know what to tell people who think I'm weird....I usually tell them - You laugh at me cuz I'm different, I pity you...cuz you're all the same."

Yeah. Thats my kid. Pretty cool, huh?

*Ministry-Everyday is Halloween