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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

...If only in my dreams*

Mozzy and Papa told us today that they won't be here for Xmas. We were all pretty bummed out until they told us what they would be doing instead.

It all stems from the trip they took last December. My parents drove their camper cross country and toured the southeast. They visited old friends and relatives and did some major site seeing on the way.

My mom's all time favorite place was Slidell, LA. She absolutely fell in love with the town and its residents. She especially liked the little restraunt on the water, where they ate lunch each day while there.

They returned home from their trip in March, with plans to visit again soon. Then Katrina hit and basically wiped the little town my mom had grown to love off the map. The plans to make a repeat visit were scrapped.

Until last month, when Papa got an idea....

He contacted Habitat for Humanity and volunteered to work in the little town they fell in love with. They may also be going to Tupelo, MS. They leave for MS on Dec.11th.

They are both very excited about the trip. Blaine is very proud of her grandparents. This has raised their coolness to a new level, and she can't wait to do some volunteering herself.

Hearing what my parents are doing for Xmas helped take away the sting I felt on Saturday at the mall and has helped return my faith in humanity.
My parents ROCK!

*I'll Be Home For Christmas