With fingernails that shine like justice...

and a voice that is dark like tinted glass, she is fast, thorough and sharp as a tack. She is touring the facility and picking up slack...

Friday, October 20, 2006

10 Things

from the last month....in no particular order...

  • Blaine was voted 7th grade Vice President!!
  • Our town now has a new skating rink!
  • After a 20 year hiatus, I tried roller skating again. I was on a speed team as a kid. I still got it.
  • I was asked if I'd be interested in joining a new roller derby league. OH YEAH! I'm SO there.
  • Blaine finally decided on a Halloween costume. To my bewilderment, it is not gorey, dead or zombified....she wants to be a Forest Faerie...a woodnymph. WTF? Who the hell is this kid?! Where's my deep, dark, mysterious, brooding Blaine?
  • I had the stomach flu for 3 days. While I was in bed dying, Hubs let us run out of toilet paper...of course...I found out while sitting on the toilet, shitting my insides into the bowl, while nobody was home. FUCKER.
  • My parents are going back to LA to build another Habitat house in December.
  • I have become addicted to Heroes. and BSG (Thanks, Bennet).
  • My LCD monitor took a shit and I'm too cheap to buy a new one before Xmas. Everything appears wavy on screen...anyone feeling generous?
  • I finally picked the last of my tomatoes. They were plentiful and delicious! This summer will always be known as "that time we grew tomatoes as big as a baby's head".