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Thursday, May 24, 2007

SIFF this weekend!!!

As some of you know, Blaine was involved in the making of Girls Rock!, a documentary about Rock'N'Roll Camp For Girls. Well, the film has come full circle, from her interviews, her refusal to be followed at camp, a major shake up with the camp's board of directors, a subsequent camp experience, and the final film cut, to The Seattle International Film Festival premier this Friday night. Two years has flown right by!

Apparently, Blaine is not in it very much. Her shyness and refusal to be followed at camp, lead to only a tiny bit of her footage being used and included in the movie. But one of her songs is featured! I'm pretty sure that Blaine's Tourette's is the reason she so steadfastly refused to be followed at camp...although she never seemed bothered by it before, I think having every single sound she uttered taped was a little more than she could handle. But the film was not meant to be about Blaine anyway...its about the tremendous power of RRC4G....what the experience of rock camp gives to every girl that attends. It is a definite MUST SEE!

If you live in the Seattle area, go check it out!

There are two screenings of the film, both at the Harvard Exit Theater...one Friday night and one Sunday. On Saturday afternoon, there will be a benefit for RRC4G at Chop Suey on Capitol Hill.

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