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Monday, January 10, 2005

Rock N' Roll Camp For Girls

Hello Portland!!(crowd cheers)We're The Bookworms!!(crowd goes freakin' nuts)

That's last year at camp. The girl in green is my one and only, Blaine. She is such a GGGRRRLLL. I am SO proud!

And so another year begins....just got the application today. As always there are no guarantees for admission...this makes the next 4 mos. hell.

Camp is a wonderful place for girls who love to rock! It is also a great place for girls to develop into STRONG women. Its not just about rock music...its a place where girls learn to accept themselves and other girls COMPLETELY.

They learn about body image and acceptance, self defense, embracing diversity(musically,ethnically,etc.), how to succeed as a woman in the male dominated music industry,instrument experimentation, zines, writing, producing, stage setting(roadie stuff), stage presence, how to handle media, etc....its all that and more, in a safe, loving, testosterone-free zone, where girls can be GGGRRRLLLZZZ.

Last year the girls wrote and arranged their OWN music...no covers..
The week is brought to close by a showcase of all the bands in a concert, held at The Alladdin in Portland,OR. It's a great show, and a perfect end to camp.

So many wonderful people contribute to camp--Sleater Kinney, The Donnas, Pearl Jam, Death Cab For Cutie, and MANY more. Please visit RRCG and give if you can, it is a great cause!

I hope Blaine gets in this year. She's been the last 2 and LOVED it!

Keep your fingers crossed!