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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Smooth Sailing? *updated!

Yesterday, while at the grocery store, I got rear ended. I had backed out of my parking spot, put the car in drive and was pulling away....when WHAM! We were hit.

I put my car in park and left it where it sat, so that any question of fault would be apparent to anyone who saw it. I got out, miffed to say the least. What met me almost broke my heart. A tiny, frail, ELDERLY man, wearing a captain's hat, was getting out of the other car. He apologized profusely, and his hands shook when he reached for his wallet, so that we could exchange information.

I assured him that everyone(Hub's was with me) was okay, and that the damage looked minor....but of course, we'd have to have professionals look at it. He agreed. We exchanged information. He apologized again. We both drove away. As we drove, Hubs joked about getting hit by a boat on dry land....."C'mon, He had the hat and everything!"

I got home a few minutes later and made all the appropriate phone calls to both insurance companies. I hope this goes smoothly. I want my car fixed, nothing more.

I just can't help but feel the tinge of trouble ahead......I hate this whole process. Hopefully, I am wrong and this will be resolved swiftly....

*(2:50pm)Son of a bitch! I said I felt a tinge ....that little shit now says that I ran into him! It looks like dueling insurance companies....cue banjo....My company is going to kick his company's ass! I love USAA.