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Monday, May 02, 2005

The weekend

The weekend was long. And fun.

Friday, which was Blaine's actual birthday, my parents came over. They had picked up a mattress that we got at the Macy's outlet with their trailer. After unloading and setting up our new bed(woot!), Mozzy (thats what we call my mom, instead of grandma) went with Blaine and me to Blaine's first track meet of the season. It poured. They were both troopers. Blaine ran, did long jump and threw shot put in the rain, without complaining. Mozzy sat in the bleachers and watched from under a golf umbrella, with a latte and only complained a little. Here in the Pacific Northwest, there is no such thing as "rained out".

After the meet, we went home. Blaine had no idea that the Hubs and Papa(my dad) had been assembling her trampoline while we were gone. She was blown away! I still don't know how she never saw the box....it sat in plain sight, in the garage, for a week. I've never heard her squeal so loud! We all had to try it out...what a blast...and a work out! After jumping, we went to her favorite local pizza place, then had ice cream after.

Saturday morning, I woke to a peculiar sound....KER-ching...KER-ching...KER-ching...at 7AM, Blaine was jumping on the trampoline! Her party was to start at 5:30 and she wanted to decorate and shop for all the food early, so that she would have lots of "air time". We took off for the grocery(gross-ery, as Blaine calls it) store and ran all our other errands, got the house cleaned and decorated by 4pm....Blaine went outside to jump (and asked what time it was only every 10 minutes!) until her friends arrived.

The party was a blast! They danced, ate, jumped and played til around 11, when they decided to watch movies....a couple hours later, they were all passed out on the living room floor, exhausted.
Dance like Napoleon!

They woke early. Hubs went to the store for donuts and OJ. Then they feasted and played until 11ish, when parents started to arrive for pick up. After cleaning up, we spent the day doing household stuff...then relaxed in the evening.

It was a great weekend.