With fingernails that shine like justice...

and a voice that is dark like tinted glass, she is fast, thorough and sharp as a tack. She is touring the facility and picking up slack...

Monday, August 22, 2005

Whats next? An old folks home for freedom fighters?

I'm officially middle-age...at least according to my optometrist. I need glasses.


When did this happen? I felt fine a couple of days ago. Now, all of the sudden, I'm cold all the time. I'm wandering the house, grumbling about the light bill and turning off lights. My shoes are uncomfortable. I clicked off the new channel, Current, with a "Bah!...it goes too fast!" Plus, I have been unusually concerned about fiber.

Who the hell is this old lady? And how did she get into my clothes and inside my head?

I thought getting older was a gradual process. It seems to have happened to me overnight.

The solution? Not sure.
I will start with some LOUD music and TEQUILA!