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Monday, October 17, 2005

food snobbery

TJ from Zazzafooky made her first meatloaf!

Her post remimded me of what a sheltered life I've lived, when it comes to food. My mother is a gourmet. She always said that we didn't eat fancy, just well.

I had never even tasted meatloaf until I moved out....a boyfriend's mother made it. I called my mom and told her about it....comparing the rustic meal I had eaten to a roulade.

One of my fondest memories is having escargo for the first time when I was eight...the sweet aroma and the absolute decadence of dipping bread into the garlic/herb infused puddle of butter at the bottom of the shell, still makes my mouth water.

When I was ten, I not only knew what arugula and endive were, but knew the difference.

I didn't experience Twinkies until I smoked pot for the first time at twenty-two. I still remember thinking...

"A beignet would be SO much better."