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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

And now, back to your regular programming

The events on Sunday still linger in my head like a fog. If it weren't for the news I would scarcely believe that it even happened....that it was somehow a dream...or more correctly, a nightmare.

We are getting ready for Thanksgiving. This is the first time having it at MY house. My parents are coming over. Blaine is making a chocolate cream pie. We certianly will have more than the usual to be thankful for.

Last night, one of my favorite people was on the Tonight Show. Jimmy Carter. He is such a true human being. I may not agree with some of his personal beliefs, but I find him to be one of the most genuine people on the planet. And although he may not agree with some of my personal beliefs, he recognizes that the laws of the country are made BY the people, FOR the people...and he respects them.(Unlike SOME people)

I was 10 years old when I first saw Jimmy Carter speak. My mom took me out of school and we drove to downtown Sacramento, where he was giving a speech. We arrived early in the morning, so that we could get a good spot. We parked and walked a few blocks and finally situated ourselves next to a lamppost and concrete trash bin. My mom wanted to make sure that I would be able to see so I stood on the bin.

I listened. And I heard. That day a Democrat was born.
It was also the day that I learned that people hated America.

While President Carter spoke, there were Iranian students shouting "Death to America!!". They were wearing bandanas over their faces, some with bags over their heads, fists raised, and they were snaking their way through the crowd. They were gone almost as soon as they were noticed, presumably swept away by Secret Service. It was frightening, but thrilling to witness. I can only assume, in retrospect, that it was seen as a protest against The Shah because the hostages had not yet been taken.

At the time, I remember thinking "Why would anyone dress up like the Unknown Comic to protest?!"

Although Jimmy Carter was not considered a great president, he is a great human being. I will remember that day forever