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Monday, November 13, 2006

A little help, Bloggers...

These are the possible derby names that we've come up with so far...now I need to narrow it down. My favorites are starred*. My first choice, Bipolar Roller, was taken. BUMMER. I've checked the registry (no, I'm not kidding, there's really an official list) and all of these are still available:

  • Apocalypse Cow (Now, Hubs, thats just mean)
  • Indy Psychward*
  • Justina Brawl
  • Calla Doctor
  • Justa Psycho
  • Manica Depression
  • Jenocidal*
  • Jenetic mutation
  • Jeneration X*
  • Psychorella*
  • OnALotta Meds
  • Mia Psycho
  • Mia Loco
  • Elixir Vitae
  • Rocky Bipolar *
  • Mistress Mania
  • Misfortune Cookie
  • Mistress Lobotomy
  • Lithium Lil
  • Jenuine Psycho*

I liked Blog Ho for a derby name, but its already taken, by, you know, Blog Ho .

Now cast your votes!!

Hubs goes to a new doc in the morning...hopefully we'll get some good news and he'll get some relief.