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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Find The Smell

I hate that game!!
It went something like this:

FG(sitting on couch, after practice): What's that smell? It smells like feet and ass!

Hubs: maybe its you.

FG: I'm serious, what the hell is that smell?

Hubs: I'm serious, maybe its you.

FG: Are you sure its not your feet?

Hubs(grinning): Are you sure its not you?

FG gets up, smells self...not good,but not the offending odor...smells couch, smells dogs, smells dog bed, gives Hubs the once-over, picks up and (*KIDS: Do NOT try this at home!) smells Hub's motorcycle boots, smells coats on rack...catches whiff of odor again.....

Drops to knees on floor....almost loses after-practice snack...
FG: Its the fucking CARPET!!

What followed was a barrage of questions.

What the hell made the carpet stink in that one spot? Is it from your rain gear dripping on the floor?(I'm pretty sure thats it, I told him to hang that wet crap in the garage, btw) Have you worn your workboots home(remember, he's a meat cutter)? Why did we get rid of the steam cleaner again?

Then, it got comical...
Why are you grinning at me?! Can't you fucking SMELL that? You think this is FUNNY?!?

Hubs(with a straight face): I still think its you.

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