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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Word Power

Every morning I get a "Word Of The Day" from Dictionary.com and every morning, it seems, I am disappointed. It is because I usually know the word and already use it as part of my regular vocabulary. My Hubs proclaims me a "word snob". I beg to differ.

I believe they think we are dullards. Here is a list of the ten most recent words...

  1. profuse
  2. quagmire
  3. hubris
  4. impervious
  5. sedition
  6. brackish
  7. conucopia
  8. languid
  9. forgo
  10. extemporaneous

Granted, I may not use these words every day....however, it is not unreasonable to think a person of AVERAGE intelligence would know and perhaps, use these words.

I'm not talking Mensa here, I'm saying the average, grown, moderately educated person....

Is Hubs right? Do YOU know these words?(not you, Blog Ho...I know your brain is so bright, I gotta wear shades)