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Friday, June 17, 2005

MMmm, Percocet

On Monday morning I hurt myself. Now I feel foolish and old.

I was just laying there when Blaine flopped on the bed to wake me. I was already awake, waiting for the alarm. I said "Good morning, Punk". Then I stretched....that extra hard, long, satisfying, cat kind of stretch.

At the height of said stretch, I felt a white hot burning behind my right ear, followed by a flash of pain down my right arm that made my fingers tingle. I thought I would pass out from the pain. Unable to move my head or right arm, I started to yowl in pain, freaking out Blaine in the process. The pain finally subsided and I tried to get out of bed...bad idea...decide to stay in bed. I assured Blaine that Mom was fine, just a pulled muscle, it would work itself out. She wanted to stay and nurse me, but I made her go to school.

Long story, short:

Hubs hurries home. Takes me to the ER. Several hours and a CAT scan later, we find out that it wasn't a heart attack, brain tumor or pulled muscle, it was a pinched nerve in my neck....from STRETCHING.

How pathetic is that? I injured myself IN BED. And I wasn't even having fun when it happened.

I have been on bed rest and pain killers for 5 days, and am FINALLY feeling better.

At least, I WAS, until I saw the condition of my house.....