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Friday, September 02, 2005

kicking and screaming

Yesterday, Hubs and I took Blaine to the dentist. She had a baby tooth extracted and a cavity filled. This was all supposed to happen two days ago, but things didn't go so well.

On the first try, they ended up asking us to leave because Blaine was so worked up and making so much noise that she was SCARING OTHER PATIENTS.

Dentists visits are never easy for Blaine. She had a horrible experience when she was 6. Blaine got hit(accidently) in the face with a metal baseball bat. All of the teeth on the left side of her mouth were loosened, three of them cracked.

When we took her to the ER is when the real trauma began.

The doctor that treated her had horrible bedside manner and no rapport with children. He told that what he was doing didn't hurt that bad and that she shouldn't be so flinchy, if she didn't stop, he would have to have two big nurses hold her down. I was beside myself, and there wasn't another doctor available.

When he did things, he did not explain himself to her like he would an adult, didn't tell what was happening or what she might feel. He draped her face without telling her, freaking her right the fuck out. To this day, because of that experience, she can't have things covering her face, and she dreads anybody touching her mouth.

She has been a trooper all these years going to the dentist reluctantly, and hating me for taking her the whole day after. But for some reason, the last visit was different, she couldn't get a hold of herself and screamed and cried uncontrollably...freaking out other patients in the process.

This is our fifth dentist office in as many years. We always get referred elsewhere, Blaine being pawned off as someone else's problem. I think being shipped about is part of the problem. Every time we go to a new office, those people are strangers. Strangers that want to hurt her, in her mind. Instead of giving us a referral to another office, like so many before had, they decided to try another approach. One not normally used on children.

Because Blaine's fear of things on her face, nitrous is completely out of the question. Sure, it would work, but you'd have to get her to put a mask on first. Not gonna happen.

So the dentist(love her!) not wanting to abandon Blaine, suggested Valium. And it worked. She was calm enough to sit in the chair without screaming and crying. The procedure was done, and Blaine doesn't have to go back until her check up in Feb.

Blaine is a smart kid, she knows it is an irrational fear. She really tries hard not to flinch, pull away or scream. She has simply been unable to wrestle her psyche. Until now. Blaine feels proud of herself for having endured a dentist visit without freaking out. She feels as though she has conquered a demon. I am so relieved, and so thankful to the dentist and her staff.

Sounds silly, but I think we've found a home.