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Monday, May 29, 2006

Other Casualties Of War

Although this is a day of remembrance for fallen soldiers, I ask that you also remember the other casualties of war...the families of those fallen. They lose what is most dear to them, then have even more taken away.

As a small child I regarded the Base Chaplain's car to be an ominous thing. Upon its arrival, children were hastily gathered up, doors shut, curtains drawn...and I remember most of all, music would stop.

After the arrival of the car, there was always sadness and a flurry of activity, my mom and the neighbors cooking for "The Family". After a few days of this, we were dressed in our best clothes and we went to church. I remember lots of grown-ups crying and hugging. I remember the glare of shiny shoes and the tap tap of rifle butts, then three loud KA-POWS.

What I remember most was not the car, the flurry of goodwill, the funeral, or even the 21 gun salute, but what happened about a month later. My sister screaming, running down the street after a car...trying to catch up to her best friend.

They had to move back to the midwest after her dad died. It all happened too fast.

The support system of military families in war time is held together by one thread...the life of the soldier serving. When a soldier dies, the broken thread leaves a gaping hole that his family falls through. That military wife becomes a widow, the children become fatherless, they have to move, leave schools,leave friends, and completely alter their way of life. It is hard to cope when the blows come one after the other...you aren't up from the first one, when another on is landed.

Some of you may think it the case, when any father or husband dies....but trust me, it isn't the same.

If my husband were to die today, I could still live in this house if I wanted to...Blaine could still go to this school...Blaine would not have to leave her friends....My friends would be here for me...

Memorial Day is about those who have sacrificed. Please remember ALL who have.