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Thursday, July 06, 2006

poppin' cherries makes me wet

On the 4th, we picked all the cherries we could reach on the tree in the back yard. Here are two of the five buckets. Hubs probably ate half a bucket while pulling on limbs, so that we could reach them. The birds were pissed off and screaming at us the whole time...don't know why, there are more than enough to go around. Greedy little bastards.

Hubs is a cherry popper

Tonight, we went to the first of the annual summer concert series, Concerts By the Bay, and saw a funk band. They were pretty good. Played lots of Parliment and Gap Band kinda stuff. It was great...we were all gettin' our groove on, and eating Filipino food, while spread out on a blanket...until the sprinklers came on.

It was only a minute or two before they were turned off, but everything was soaked. We were troopers, and stayed to the end. Soaked and blue lipped, we told the coordinator we wanted a refund. She just smiled and laughed.*

*It was a free event.