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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Happy Spring

What a week! I must apologize for my lack of blogging....
Getting back from camp was a relief...
I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I never knew I could grow so attached to a group of kids. I LIKED them before the trip. Now I ADORE them. Yes, there were some problem kids that I wanted to beat during the trip...but with a loving hand.

I certainly have a new appreciation for Blaine since camp....I didn't realize just how well behaved, kind and strong she really is. Until we were with kids who couldn't function without strict direction, I thought all kids her age were independence junkies....but they aren't. It was wonderful to see them blossom over the week, to learn to trust themselves, and to see some emerge as leaders...It was even more gratifying to see Blaine in her true light...She simply amazes me. I couldn't be prouder.

It was a wonderful experience, I'd do it again without hesitation.
I was saddened upon my return to Bloggsville, to find some of you had gone away...*snif*
Knifey, your food for thought was always delicious.
MooCow, because of you, I have a newfound appreciation for Peeps and their ability to bring nations together.
You both will be missed!
My musical library is FINALLY caught up......22,851 files later....DAMN! And still growing...
The beginning of Spring was a trip! It rained and rained....then the wind blew and blew.....40MPH gusts! Our power was out for a day and a half. The neighbor lost a tree. Missed her house by about 2FT. The sound was awesome! About 3:30-4AM, we awoke to hear this weird creaking and popping, like styrofoam when you unpack a stereo,then.....SNAP!! BAM! Then just the wind. Very creepy.
Blaine got a haircut. Sounds like no big deal. But it was. Blaine's hair is very long, resting on the top of her butt when she's standing. We only cut about 4 inches, cleaning it up, getting the ends tidy. It was HER idea. Thats why I was dumbstruck when sitting in the styling chair, she had tears welling up and rolling down her cheeks. She said her hair was one of the "cool" things about her, now it wasn't anymore...After reassurance from me that she was still very cool, she calmed down and asked if she could dye it BLUE. "Just joking, Mom, relax!" (little does she know...I probably would let her do it if she really wanted to!)
My parents are taking off on a trip this week and won't be here for Easter. Blaine is a little bummed, because we usually spend Easter at thier house. They have the BEST yard for egg hunting. I think we may go to a friend's house. They just moved, and now have a pretty good chunk of property, perfect for hiding eggs. She may be almost 11, but she still loves to hunt for eggs with the little kids.

I'll never forget when Blaine was 3, we went to my sister's place for Easter. Racoons had eaten the eggs as they cooled on the back porch, so we only had 2 dozen left for hiding....for 6 kids. We followed the kids around and stole eggs from their baskets and rehid them OVER and OVER again....Each kid, in theory, found at least 18 eggs! It was hilarious! I just told Blaine this story for the first time yesterday. She remembers it as being one of the best times of her life....now with a funny story.
Happy Spring Everyone!