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Friday, September 09, 2005

Take Your Daughter To ROCK Day!

Well, the first two days of school have gone off without a hitch. Blaine's teacher is pretty cool. His name is(get this!) Mr. Schmuck(seriously). He's witty and compassionate...I think Blaine will do well in his class.

Most kids count the days until summer vacation, my kid counts the days until school starts. She is very happy to be back, and is looking forward to her many extra activities. She is in Honor Choir, Safety Patrol, and is a member of the Conflict Resolution team. Of course, her participation in all of these things is dependent upon her grades, attitude, guitar practice, and ability to take care of her animals at home. I don't forsee any problems, we just have to appear officially parental sometimes.

Tomorrow, we are driving down to Portland for Take Your Daughter To Rock Day. Its sponsored by Hot Topic. It should be a blast. Blaine is hoping to score some cool freebies...she absolutely loves that store!

There are some Katrina evacuees in the Portland area, and Misty McElroy(RRC4G founder) has opened her heart and doors to them by offering a day of rock to any girl that wants to attend. I think a few hours of shredding or pounding on the drums would do a girl some good.