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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Worry Wart

My folks just called from Slidell. They drove in yesterday.

Sounds like a REALLY interesting atmosphere...

the first campground they went to refused to let them park because they didn't think my mom would be safe...the second one asked them if they had a gun...WTF?

Appearently, there is an Old West mindset, and the campgrounds in the area are very much like miningcamps of the gold rush era. The men, who live mostly in tents, work hard all day....then drink and fight all night. Most of them are transient workers, who pick up work where ever they can. And there are very few women.

My parents ended up going out of town about 45 minutes to find a decent place, in Robert,LA. They will be commuting to work from there.

I really wish they wouldn't tell me crap like that. It makes me worry. I know that they would never do anything dangerous, or stay anywhere dodgey...and that daylight is much different than the night...but still...I worry.