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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Let there be ROCK!!

Although Blaine handled not getting accepted to Camp well, she still REALLY wanted to go and was sad to miss her Camp friends.

But, no more!!
A slot opened up when a girl dropped out. They called Blaine to extend her an invitation!! Friggin' cool.

We've had to scurry and scrounge to pay for it. Money we had previously set aside for Camp was spent on substitutions for Camp and for trying to get a leg up on other bills.(yeah, right.)

We are driving down to Portland on Sunday to meet the host family. This is the first time Blaine will be away alone. She's psyched. We plan on making an afternoon of it, stopping to say Hi at Camp, going to Sam Ho for lunch(best CHEAP/GOOD chinese food eva), dropping into Hip Chicks, then checking out Ladd Circle & Squares near the host house before we meet them.

The hosts have a daughter, a year older than Blaine, that will be attending Camp for the first time. Blaine will show her the ropes. The two of them have already got together on Myspace to get aquainted. They have tons in common, so I think it will be a good match.