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Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Showcase Post

More than a week late. I know, I'm a slacker. I've been busy. Doin' stuff.


We drove down to Portland Saturday(the 29th) morning. My parents, knowing money is tight for us, booked and paid for our room at a hotel. I refused to let them pay more than $80, since thats usually what it costs us when we stay there. I did not know, however, that the quaint and affordable place we usually stay was undergoing renovations and was closed...

In an effort to get us closer to the showcase venue, my Dad booked a Motel 6 in what he thought was SE Portland, but was ACTUALLY...an industrial/white trash/ ghetto area of Gresham. We took it in stride, were good sports and made lots of jokes about $5 blowjobs...and I'm pretty sure we saw Tonya Harding walking down the street. I know, I know...gift horses and all. Beggars can't be choosers, but I can certainly make sure my Dad never hears the end of it.

We called Blaine's host to let them know we were in town and she suggested(Thank you, Jeebus!!) that Blaine stay the night there, as the night would be long and it would be easier to pick her (and all her stuff) up in the morning. We readily agreed. Blaine's week need not be tainted by a night in that dump, after all.

We went to the host house and picked up the girls. They looked so cute. They had rocked about 20 yards of satin ribbon and Mia looked like Rainbow Brite. Blaine kept it pretty subdued with red ribbon tied at the neck and on her shoes.Vide Infra RULZ!!
We dropped them early at the Bagdad Theater, so that they could check in and host mom, Terry, could get ready in peace. When we arrived there was already a long line of people waiting, so Hubs and I dropped the girls at the door and took our place at the end. We chatted with other parents about the Camp experience. Most of them were newbies and had no idea what to expect. Being a veteran, I clued them in.

At 5PM, the line started moving, and we were inside in no time. The Bagdad is a cool old theater with wide aisles of comfy, wide-ass chairs that are separated by long narrow shelf-like tables in front of each row. The place serves the usual movie fair, but also has pizza and a BAR, hence the tables. Now, thats my kinda theater!

The showcase started off with a few technical difficulties and sound issues, but those were quickly fixed and the show continued. Those difficulties worked in our favor because Terry was late to arrive because parking was horrendous. Thank goodness she didn't miss it!

The show, as always, was wonderful!! As usual, I cried when I saw Blaine onstage with a band. They totally rocked the house! Mia jammed on bass like a pro and the overall vibe was very cool. Hubs pointed out that Blaine stands like Bill Wyman when she plays...just like in the song by The Smithereens. Wow. MY KID, THE ROCK STAR!!