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Thursday, March 24, 2005

The Devil Made Me Do It

I find myself in the midst of a dilemma....

My daughter, Blaine, was asked by her best friend to join Job's Daughters.

I told Blaine that it is absolutely OUT OF THE QUESTION. Job's Daughters is a faith based organization for girls. I am an atheist.

The invitation is attractive to Blaine on many levels. And although she understands my refusal, it upsets her. This organization occupies a considerable amount of her friend's time, thus leaving less time for her friendship with Blaine. Blaine sees joining as an oppurtunity to spend more time with said friend. Her friend makes it all the more appealing by going on and on about Jobie's this and Jobie's that, etc...etc...making it sound very fun.

Said friend has taken it to heart that my refusal to let Blaine join is a personal blow against her and is very hurt. Blaine is crushed. The two of them now see me as a horrible person, who doesn't understand...I am unfair and cruel.

I know this is hard for both of them to digest, but I am adamant. I will not let Blaine be a hypocrite. Am I making my daughter suffer for my disbelief? Or am I doing the right thing?