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Monday, August 14, 2006

The Bunny House

This post is for tj. She liked the bunnies in my parent's yard in this picture. Their house is known, on the island, as The Bunny House.
My sister and her husband are a metal sculptors. Those bunnies and this mailbox are some of their earliest works.
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The mailbox is warped and the bunny's ears are curled on top because he was beaten a few years ago by a very angry man with a baseball bat. He had illegally parked his car in my parent's yard, blocking the garage, so they had his car towed. They live very close to the ferry dock and rude tourists and baseball fans abound every summer. My mother actually wept. My dad is quite handy and was able to fix it, for the most part. The bend in the ears is now like a freckle on a kid's face...we can't imagine him without it. He is now anchored deeply in concrete. If anyone were to assault him again, they would be the one in need of fixing.