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Sunday, March 11, 2007


Our first benefit was a success!

The bands were awesome...even more so, because they did the gig for nothing! I think Neutralboy and Season Of Nightmares are definitely on my list of favorites now. Not just because they rock, but because they are super cool and were very generous to give up a lucrative weekend night to help us out.

The spanking and kissing booth was a huge hit. Although nobody really wanted to kiss the girls....they wanted them to kiss each other. Buttons were given out to those who made donations for the booth. There was a choice of button, depending upon what you had paid for...

"Spanks A Lot!" & "S.W.A.K."(think 8th grade)

The group date auction was wild, with more money generated from the black market sale of dates after the actual auction had ended...."I'll donate an extra hundred bucks, if you trade dates with so & so"... Many of the girls were "won", then promtly put up again by the winning bidder...it was really hilarious.

The night, although a revenue boom for the league, was, personally, a shitty night. Hubs got shitaced drunk, then got pissed at me for what he perceived as neglectful behavior on my part. I was busy running the merch table and noticing that it appeared to be boring him, so I suggested that he go mingle(there were plenty of people there he knew). He took it as though I was trying to get rid of him and he said some loud, drunken, hurtful things. I'm still pissed at him. He hurt my feelings,embarrassed me, and was generally acting like a dick. I hadn't realized that he had drank so much or that the drinks were so strong, because I had only been drinking Skinny Roy Rogers (Diet Coke & grenadine)all night.

He left for work this morning, hung over and out of sorts from the time change. I hope his temples throb all day long.

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