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Thursday, December 06, 2007

I really need to...

do some house cleaning. This blog is a mess.

Well, no Cake show, but the guy that got the tickets had a blast....I'm glad at least someone had fun.

We were VERY lucky...only having missed a show...the rain, flooding, mudslides & trees falling made the lives of many here horrible. There's a huge sink hole in town. The highway into town, along the water, is closed indefinitely because of a huge mudslide. We drove around yesterday to survey the devastation. Its pretty bad...and we aren't even in one of the places hardest hit. That storm was insane. I almost came unglued when we were in Starbucks...I overheard a guy comparing what has happened to KATRINA...what an asshole. So what if a tree fell on your car...you did not lose EVERYTHING. You didn't get uprooted, you got inconvenienced, you asswipe.

We are deep in the throws of planning our next bout, slated for Jan. 25th. I'm super excited and have a shit-ton(thats a technical term, by the way)of work to do. Friday...thats tomorrow, right? We are having a fundraiser at a local bar. We're collecting toys for needy families...and spreading the derby gospel, looking for new recruits and hopefully making us some $$$.

This derby business has got my head spinning. I never knew it would consume my life the way it has. But its good, I'm busy and active, out & about. It has been a strain on my marriage at times, but from what I hear, its not uncommon...just like wives whose husbands are super into sports like softball...they feel neglected. It's difficult to find that balance. I've tried including Hubs, but he just doesn't seem to be into it...maybe if he could skate it would be different... a lot of husbands ref, or coach. I think he feels even more left out now that Blaine has started Junior Roller Derby(which by the way, I think will be as important in her life as Rock Camp).

"THEY" have bled us dry. We are done. I'm boycotting xmas this year. The last straw was when we were at the mall, in Macy's, on NOVEMBER 2ND...and I heard xmas music. I'm done. The commercialism has RUINED it for me. We are getting a small tree, decorating it only with lights, and only getting gifts for Blaine...and even then, we are not going overboard. Blaine and Hubs both think its a great idea. No gifts for every family member, friend and friend's kids, no cards, no decorations outside(except for a plain natural wreath on the front door) no huge, elaborately decorated tree like usual, just a small, potted tree with lights...we are keeping it SIMPLE...Going back to what xmas is supposed to be about...FAMILY. I'm so much more relaxed...I forgot how FUN xmas could be. I think this will be a good thing. We may even do something nice for a local family...maybe xmas dinner or something.

Anyway...thats it for now. Don't feel neglected if the postings are slow...at least I'm posting, right?

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