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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Vide Infra

Yep. Thats the name of the band. Fucking genius.
A literary term that means see below, or read further.
To see the band Vide Infra, vide infra.

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Camp Begins

On Sunday, we went to see Blaine in the Drama Workshop production of The Jungle Book. It was really cute. Blaine was one of the parts of Kaa, the snake. Kaa was made up of 6 girls. When she first came home with news that she was part of the snake, I was a little skeptical. It sounds weird, but was done well. They all had speaking parts and moved together to make Kaa seem sinister and eerily long. The effect was pretty cool.

Immediately after the show, we got in the car and drove to Portland and dropped Blaine off at the hosts. They are lovely people. Their daughter is so much like Blaine it is almost creepy. I'm sure they will be close friends, even after Camp. Leaving her in the hands of virtual strangers was difficult, but they seem like really good people.

When we went down last week for the meet-n-greet, I got a really good feeling about them. Terry(the mom) and I got to talking and I mentioned I was going to hit Hip Chicks Do Wine on my way out of town. She had never heard of it and wanted to join me. I was pleased to share it with her. We went, had a taste, and picked up a few bottles to take home. Anyone who likes a good CabMerlot can't be all bad. She really put me at ease about letting Blaine stay there. I don't think we could have picked a better match for Blaine or for us.

The weather has been horrible. Last night we went to the movies to get some relief from the heat. We saw My Super Ex-Girlfriend. It was okay. I would've rather waited to rent it, but it was nice to be in a darkened, air conditioned theater. It finally cooled down today. It dropped something like 22 degress from yesterday. I don't think this would have been so bad had we lived somewhere it is often hot, because we would have air conditioning. The weather here is normally so mild, it is not a requirement. I moved from Sacramento to get away from the heat. The past week has been like a forced visit there.(Think Hell...in August) I just hope the cool trend hangs around for awhile.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Its fucking hot.

Regular posting to resume when the temperature drops.
That is all.

Saturday, July 22, 2006


This week's Post Secret bonus secret!!
This one actually made me snort.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Yeah..thats right...MY kid said that


My friend and I were having a conversation about Dubya's latest asshattery, when the subject of a local IVF birth came up...
Blaine strolled in from the other room, without missing a beat, and said,

"Ya know, if they were really following Gawd's will, they should have been happy not having babies in the first place. Right?"

Fuckin' A.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Dear Mr. Chatty,

Thanks for the perfect accompaniment to dinner! It was such a pleasure to hear your loud typing and incessant Yahoo IM notifier. It was equally enjoyable to watch you contort your face with OOohhs and AAhhhs, toungue flicking and lip biting.

The only way it could have been creepier, was if you had been in the children's section of the library on a public computer.

My only consolation was that I was sure you were unknowingly chatting with her.

Saturday, July 15, 2006


I'm not really sure why I've never blogged about this before...

We have, lovingly, called Blaine "Squeaky" for about 6 or 7 years.

Some parents might argue that giving your child a nickname based on her neurological disorder is cruel and wrong, but I say...

Fuck them...they don't know us.

Last month, we had Blaine "officially" diagnosed with what we knew she had all along. Her Grandfather has it and was diagnosed about ten years ago. Her dad has it, was never diagnosed, and seems to have outgrown it.

Tourette's Syndrome.

Blaine's case is very mild. She has mostly vocal tics...squeaking, throat clearing, a repeated exhalation of breath with "eh", and something we describe as a throat snort. Until recently, she had no noticable physical tics...but has since added to her repertoire a quick, repeated jerk of her head to her shoulder.

We never had it "officially" diagnosed before because we knew what it was, it did not disrupt or interfere with school, and it is not severe enough to require medication. She does not, like many kids with TS do, suffer from such things as ADD or OCD.

She is accepted by her friends how she is. She has only had one occurrence of teasing/bullying as a result of her tics, in sixth grade. Joanie, her best friend, told the boy she'd kick his ass if he didn't stop it. It was after that, Blaine chose to tell her class about her brain. It, coincidently, happened around the same time a documentary by HBO was released called I Have Tourette's, But Tourette's Doesn't Have Me. The kids were allowed to ask questions, then the matter was dropped. Previous to that, only her teachers were told about it. She hasn't had any problems since then.

Tics are like having an irresistable itch. You have to scratch it eventually. At home, she tics freely. They say that tics sometimes come on as a result of stress. I, however, don't see it that way. I think stress is caused by the tic suppression(at least,seemingly, in Blaine's case). Being able to finally scatch an itch is what brings relief.

I knew the trip to the pediatric neurologist was an eventuality after I got a few separate comments in a months time. My best friend and my Mom both said they were noticing more frequent and more pronounced bouts. I however, didn't really see it until they said something.

After so many years of living next to the tracks, I had ceased to hear the train.

The official diagnosis is basically a preemptive measure because her tics seem to be getting worse. TS usually becomes most pronounced during pubery. With Blaine on her way to junior high(my gawd, I feel old.), I want her teachers to be aware that any problem they have with her TS are just that...their problem.

Blaine has been very fortunate and chosen friends well. They do not judge or tease her about her TS. And they don't let anyone else, either.

Blaine is a normal kid. Tourette's is just a thing she has...like freckles.

Maybe thats why I've never blogged about it before.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Let there be ROCK!!

Although Blaine handled not getting accepted to Camp well, she still REALLY wanted to go and was sad to miss her Camp friends.

But, no more!!
A slot opened up when a girl dropped out. They called Blaine to extend her an invitation!! Friggin' cool.

We've had to scurry and scrounge to pay for it. Money we had previously set aside for Camp was spent on substitutions for Camp and for trying to get a leg up on other bills.(yeah, right.)

We are driving down to Portland on Sunday to meet the host family. This is the first time Blaine will be away alone. She's psyched. We plan on making an afternoon of it, stopping to say Hi at Camp, going to Sam Ho for lunch(best CHEAP/GOOD chinese food eva), dropping into Hip Chicks, then checking out Ladd Circle & Squares near the host house before we meet them.

The hosts have a daughter, a year older than Blaine, that will be attending Camp for the first time. Blaine will show her the ropes. The two of them have already got together on Myspace to get aquainted. They have tons in common, so I think it will be a good match.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Shine on, you crazy diamond

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Post Secret's secret

There is an additional secret to be seen each week. Go see.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

poppin' cherries makes me wet

On the 4th, we picked all the cherries we could reach on the tree in the back yard. Here are two of the five buckets. Hubs probably ate half a bucket while pulling on limbs, so that we could reach them. The birds were pissed off and screaming at us the whole time...don't know why, there are more than enough to go around. Greedy little bastards.

Hubs is a cherry popper

Tonight, we went to the first of the annual summer concert series, Concerts By the Bay, and saw a funk band. They were pretty good. Played lots of Parliment and Gap Band kinda stuff. It was great...we were all gettin' our groove on, and eating Filipino food, while spread out on a blanket...until the sprinklers came on.

It was only a minute or two before they were turned off, but everything was soaked. We were troopers, and stayed to the end. Soaked and blue lipped, we told the coordinator we wanted a refund. She just smiled and laughed.*

*It was a free event.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Happy 100th, Grammy!!

You are the coolest person I have ever known. I'm sure thats where Blaine gets it.
I love you with all my heart. I'm SO glad Blaine has had a chance to know and love you too.

Grammy Sarah

Grammy Sarah/age 4

I love you!!

Sunday, July 02, 2006


Blaine 07/04/2003

Fireworks are legal here. We also have lots of nearby indian reservations where you can buy the not-so-legal kind. Thats usually what we buy.

This year we are going to a friend's annual bash...they also get the not-so-legal kind. "Jack" goes to a guy, who knows a guy, who has to make sure he's not a cop...come alone, bring lots of cash...meet me at a warehouse on the docks, kinda deal. He gets Class B fireworks. The show is spectacular! And as of yet, there have been no (reported) fatalities. It is always a great 4th of July here.

But today is the 2nd. The 2nd, people!!
We have heard nothing but mortar fire and 100 missle bricks since around 6PM. I mean really, people...why do you waste such beautiful pyrotechnics during the daylight hours, when there is no OOOooo! or AAAaah!? But I digress...

I realize you love your country. So do I. But the FOURTH of July is on the FOURTH.

So until then, could your please....


Or at least, supply the neighborhood's tormented dog population with some doggy downers?